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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Episode 307 - Draw Back Your Bow

Start-8:12 Intro, 8:12-31:45 Plots, 31:45-45:57 Cupid, 45:57-End Misc/Outro

Welcome back to Rogue Arrow.

Where we know how to work out. (It increases our productivity.)

And save damsels in distress.

Who then build ridiculous shrines of love.

At the local flower shop. 

Just like the one Laurel worked at in the comics. 

A better look at Katana

And Felicity kicking ass in sales. 

Thea's magical DJ.

Cupid is like Hooch. (She crazy!)

Classic villainy!

Cue: Marvin Gaye 

The SuperATOMman!

Next week: Captain Boomerang!

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