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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Episode 216 - Suicide Squad

Start-7:41 Intro/Feedback, 7:42-20:22 Summary, 20:23-26:43 Plot, 26:44-41:46 Character & plot, 41:47-50:37 Comic tie-ins/misc., 50:38-End Outro.

We need both of you.

Welcome to the Suicide Squad.

Starring Harley Quinn.

Deathstroke being a creeper.

Callback to the island.


Well so much for the Bratva connection in Starling...

Great moment between these two.

A little big to fit in my pocket. 

Help support your (not so) local youth theatre camp! As always, thanks for listening. 
Come back next week as we discuss the Birds of Prey.

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