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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Episode 208 - The Scientist

0-8:15 Intro/Feedback, 8:16-25:20 Recap, 25:21-33:31 Plot, 33:32-49:52 Character, 49:53-57:39 Island, 57:40-66:58 Misc, 66:59-End Outro. Join us and our special guest Tyler Crouch as we discuss the guest appearance of Barry Allen in The Scientist.

Barry Allen doing science!

Barry Allen as the Flash.

Grant Gusting does a great Flash.

Brother Cyrus Gold.

Solomon Grundy.

Because cops would totally let Roy do this.

Well Slade's dead. Or is he?

Join us next week for our discussion of the mid-season finale: Three Ghosts. Check out our other podcasts at the top of the page and please rate and review us on iTunes. Thanks for listening!

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