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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Episode 207 - State V. Queen

0-6:27 Intro/Feedback, 6:28-11:42 Recap, 11:43-22:57 Island, 22:58-30:05 - Vertigo, 30:06-40:49 - Moira, 40:50-48:14 - Brother Blood/Trick Arrows, 48:25-End - Sign off/Credits.
Again, massive apologies for the delay, but here you go!

Ugly drawings behind the Count

Let's look through the tiny crack! Looks clear!

3 seconds to spare! Nailed it!

Slade's seen better days.

Never try to bargain with a madman!

Vertigo is vicious.

Why is Blood involved? Seems odd.

Yes! Mom's free. But why?

Brother Blood's army!

Ahh freedom!

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