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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Episode 111 - Trust But Verify

We're back talking about the brilliant 11th episode: Trust But Verify. Let's try something new. Instead of posting the audio here. Check it out in the player up above or go to iTunes to download it. This episode has a lot of subtlety in it's writing that the CW is not known for. This makes the episode quite enjoyable.

Blackhawks: I like the logo update. Looks sweet.

Arrow Ted Gaynor Vs. Comics Ted Gaynor

Oliver's eyes when he sees Diggle intervening with Gaynor. 
Man he looks pissed.

Awkward touch!

Awkward touch!

Genuine touch! (with chipped nail polish.)

How is this picture enough proof? this could have been taken a year ago...

You're forgetting one thing guys, I'm the one with the grenade launcher!

The menacing dark arrow cave!!

Next week on Arrow: Vertigo. The new drug in the glades has Oliver's attention. 

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Monday, January 21, 2013

Episode 110 - Burned

As usual, we are having a drink whilst podcasting. Here are our beers:

Daniel: Four Peaks Kiltlifter

Chris: Cooper's Original Pale Ale

Laurel: Widmer Falconer's IPA

Rudy: Motor City Nut Brown Ale

Now onto the show:

Firefly Vs. Comics
That's not detective Lance...

For the ladies:

As always, thanks for listening to our brief comeback episode for the new year. Check out the Cinemasters Podcast and Mainframe Chronicle links on the right side of the page. See you next week with Episode 11 - Trust But Verify.