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Monday, December 17, 2012

Episode 109 - Year's End

This week we come to you from under 10 inches of snow, in the middle of a food poisoned road trip, and from the land down under to bring you a show of epic proportions as we talk about episode 9 of Arrow! We talk theories of the future as well as favorite episodes so far.

This week we get introduced to the dark archer. Merlyn in the comics is always trying to be the better archer  which leads to most of their confrontation. They touch on this in this weeks episode. Can't wait to see more!

Dark Archer definitely has a better mask. Upon closer examination I realized they are opposites. Oliver covers just his eyes, well rubs make up around his eyes. The Dark Archer covers all but his eyes. Interesting!

The creepy Eddie Fyers trying to win Oliver to his side.

Awkward family photo...

Big thanks to Microsoft for sponsoring this episode of Arrow!

How about this epic fight scene? Bad Ass!!!

Something we forgot to mention in this episode: When at the dinner party and discussing the vigilante, Malcolm asks Oliver if he should be named Green Arrow, and Oliver simply replies "Lame."
What did you guys think of that line? Comment below!

Interesting post I came across when looking for pictures talking about the villains who are evil copies of the hero they correspond with can be found here

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Then get nice and personal with John Barrowman, the man behind the mask of the Dark Archer at Nerdist.

And come back next year around January 20th as we discuss the next episode - Burned!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Episode 108 - All Apologies (er... Vendetta)

Welcome back to the Rogue Arrow Podcast! Check out the new player up top thanks to Stitcher radio app! There is a lot of noise in the first half but it clears up after we yell at Chris for messing with his computer.

The mask doesn't do a lot to hide her identity. At least in my opinion. 
What do you think? Comment below

Awkward looks. "What are you doing here?"

"That's a damn good question."

This just looks super uncomfortable.

What do you think? 

Could Daddy's death lead Tommy to do something...


Crooked mouth?

Flash bang arrow! 

Not an impossible shot, it was just too quick to see that he shot from behind her and spun it out of her hand. It's not a great screen shot but it shows the arrow coming over her shoulder and hitting the bow of the crossbow, which would surprise her enough to drop it. 

Monday, December 3, 2012

Episode 107 - Muse of Fire

Hey guys! Welcome back. Special thanks for the very awesome podcast at completelycomics. Also checkout Quiver Podcast. They are from Vancouver where the filming takes place so we get some insight on the locations and local actors and such. Now onto the episode, Muse of Fire. Reference to the prologue of Henry V by Shakespeare.

Jack Black


Hugh Jackman

= Jack Jackman

Here's a screenshot of when Oliver throws the rebar. Obviously no actual rebar, but it looks to me that it supposedly bounces off the weel well cover thingy (technical term).

Clearly not in the street... 

Schedule for the end of the year:
Vendetta - Dec. 5th
Years End - Dec. 12th
Then we break until 
Burned - Jan. 9th


and Son

Definitely don't look like father and son. 

Tahmoh Penikett gone too soon.

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And here is the preview for next Episode: Vendetta.