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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Episode 000 - The Comics

Hey guys, in lieu of an episode, we get a special Thanksgiving episode of Rogue Arrow where I talk about the history of the comics and Green Arrow in particular.

The beginning of DC's Golden Age of Comics.

Green Arrow and Speedy's first appearances in More Fun Comics 73 in 1941. Notice the very Robin Hood feel to their costumes!

An interesting easter egg is that in Episode 5, Damaged we see this:

Check out the numbers and the date above. Pretty neat, eh? 
Thanks to Mr. Morbid's House of Fun! for sharing that.

Anyways, here's a cover for one of Green Arrow's first Silver Age appearances:

He then is collected in Green Lantern/Green Arrow

Then came Crisis on Infinite Earths! Which, along with Longbow Hunters, recreated the image and story of the Green Arrow.

Then Green Arrow died.

And was brought back by Kevin Smith in Quiver!

If you want to check out more Green Arrow stories go over to
Again, the top story recommendations I have are:
Green Arrow: Year One
Green Arrow: Longbow Hunters
Green Arrow: Quiver
Green Arrow: Archer's Quest
Justice League: Cry For Justice
Justice League: Rise and Fall
Green Arrow Brightest Day: Into The Woods
New 52 Green Arrow: The Midas Touch

Over the mid season break I will probably do a further in depth review of these and other books for you guys. As always thank you for listening. Check out the links on the page to our other podcasts and my personal blog as well as our donate button. Anything you do helps. Leave us feedback and we shall read it on the air! Enjoy.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Episode 106 - Legacies

First off, sorry the show is late, we had a bit of a family crisis yesterday and I was unable to get to editing. Second, I went to my parents' house for the week for Thanksgiving and we tried a new way of recording stuff so that I didn't have to bring home all the equipment, that's why the quality is a little sub par.

Royal Flush Gang from the pages of DC's Who's Who:

vs. Arrow

Something I forgot to mention in the episode is that Scott Morgan is the enemy in issue 2 of the comic tie-in series over at Comixology. Check it out! It's a free app and only 99 cents/week for the comics.

As far as the DC cities and their geographical location, I found some maps over at ifanboy. Go over there to check out a zoomable image.

River Tam in Serenity.

And Arrow.

You can read more about Dr. Oz here. Apparently he was on Oprah for 5 seasons.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

People's Choice Awards!

Hey guys! Arrow is up for favorite new TV drama over at the people's choice awards! Go over here to vote for it!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Episode 105 - Damaged

There was a stupid amount of problems recording this week. Well there was one. Google+ kept dropping me from the call and as such there are a few moments where it jumps a bit. I apologize for this, but I did my best to make it coherent. Please click on the donate button on the right of the blog to help out with the production costs. Leave us a message and we'll mention you as a sponsor on the show! Thanks for listening!

Yao Fei. Not Panda Bear" Grylls

Oliver Queen has a habit of getting caught. Example of the great juxtapositional moments in this episode.

This is what I heard when Ollie was explaining why he looked at the camera.

Here's the Diggle gif.


Eddie Fyers:
Show vs. Comic

Comic vs. Show

 Once again, Deathstroke's mask on the beach in the pilot.

Who's more badass?

Black Canary's fishnets. It got pretty out of hand sometimes and went too far. 

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Episode 105 teaser

Tonight's episode was amazing! As usual. I figured I should share this teaser with you guys. Warning: there are character spoilers for future episodes, so if you don't want to know you should stay away.

There's also some more spoilers about the confirmed 2nd half of the season over here.

How badass does Diggle look as the Arrow?

Also this:

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Episode 104 - An Innocent Man!

We have an email!! Sure, it's from my brother, but it's a great email and he brings up some great points.
Hate to have to beg for money, but I'm poor and there is a cost in hosting. Anything helps. We will try to keep doing the podcast until we no longer enjoy it or the show ends. Your donations will help us keep it coming out week by week. Thanks!
Check out the comics at Comixology.

All this talk about the list reminds me of Night at the Roxbury. You can't get in unless you're on the list.

The scene from Boondock Saints: 

The Spiderman reference can best be explained by this video at 3:25.

Image from next episode. Yao Fei fighting Deathstroke.

Colin Donnell in Wicked. His segment starts at 6:15.

Definitely go over and check out Green Arrow TV
There are lots of great videos and good source of news.

Check out our other podcasts: - Review podcast of the 90s cartoon ReBoot. - We talk about movies!