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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Episode 101 - Pilot

Pilot podcast about the pilot episode of the new CW show Arrow. First off I would like to say that I came down with a bit of a cold the day of recording, so I sound a little overly nasal and not super great. Also, I watched the premiere on Wednesday, had the thought of doing a podcast and sent out immediately after, and we recorded on Saturday afternoon. Therefore the organization and format of the show has a lot of room to grow. And it will as the show goes on.

Moving on!
We mention the Smallville version of Green Arrow a few times. Here's a juxaposition to see the difference in how they look. Sallville's Green Arrow Justin Hartley Vs. Arrow's Stephen Amell.

Salmon Ladder! Name taken from Ninja Warrior of course.

Drakon from the comics:                                    And the show:

Do you think he looks more like a Buffy vamp or the Geico caveman?

Deathstroke's mask:

Star city is supposedly placed in northern California, so we weren't to far off with Portland.

Arrow Drinking Game:
1. Parkour - Anytime Arrow parkours. 
2. Longing Laurel - Whenever Ollie and Laurel look longingly at each other
3. Rogue Arrow - Every time Arrow "misses" a target
4. Douchebag jar - Whenever Ollie lies to protect his identity
5. PTSDrink- Whenever Ollie has a panic moment remembering the boat crash.

Good Stories to read:
1. Green Arrow: Year One
2. Green Arrow: Longbow Hunters
3. Green Arrow: Quiver
4. Green Arrow: Archer's Quest
5. Justice League: Cry For Justice
6. Justice League: Rise and Fall

Check out my ReBoot podcast:

ArrowCast Drinking game:
1. Every time we knock CW take a drink.
2. Every time we go on a tangent about comics take a drink. 
3. Every time there's something that would give us an explicit tag.
4. Tell us more!

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My personal blogpost about the Pilot. I touch on a few different things than we don't mention in the show. 

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